The Best 100 Classical Music

classical music 100

We proudly present 1st volume of the best 100 classical ringtones. Enjoy the high quality ringtones on your mobile. This is collection of carefully picked sounds and all is free. Very easy to use. Every ringtone can be set as phone ringtone, contact ringtone, notification ringtone and clock alarm ringtone. The 1st volume consist of the following melodies:

1. Carmina Burana-CARL ORFF
2. A Little Night Music – MOZART
3. A Little Night Music SMS – MOZART
4. Concierto de Aranjuez – Adagio part 2- RODRIGO
5. The Marriage of Figaro – MOZART
6. Rondo Alla Turca – MOZART
7. Bolero – RAVEL
8. Classic
9. Czardas – MONTI
10. Corazon de Nino – RAUL DI BLASIO
11. Fur Elise – BETTHOVEN
12. 5th Symphony – BETTHOVEN
13. Swan Lake – TCHAIKOVSKY
14. The Second Waltz – SHOSTAKOVICH
15. Swan Lake No.2 – TCHAIKOVSKY
16. The second waltz part II – SHOSTAKOVICH
17. The second waltz part III – SHOSTAKOVICH
18. Rhapsody in Blue- The Clarinet Glissando
20. Rigoleto La Dona e mobile SMS – VERDI



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